We offer direct on-line support with our remote assistance service.

Please contact us to book a connection.


Please note: – the cost of a remote session will depend on how long we are actively working on your computer. A minimum service charge of £30.00 Inc. VAT for personal customers and £35.00 +VAT for business customers will apply to each session and will cover the first 30 minutes of support.

To get help from us using Microsoft Quick Assist for Windows PC’s

On your PC, Select Start , enter Quick Assist, then select it in the list of results (or press the Windows key  + Ctrl + Q).

In the Code from Assistant box, enter the 6-digit code that we will give you, then select Submit.

To allow the connection and start sharing your screen, select Allow.

When we are helping you, we will request full control of your PC. To allow it, select Allow.
To stop allowing full control, select Cancel control.

When you’re done getting help, select Leave.

If necessary you can download Quick Assist here:-


To get help from us using ‘Any Desk’ free for Mac and  Windows PCs

We will talk you through the procedure to connect with AnyDek.

AnyDesk for Mac can be downloaded here:


AnyDesk for PC can be downloaded here:


Contact us to enquire about this service or call 01460 298036