This support page is to help customers who have purchased Livedrive Backup directly from us. If you have purchased Livedrive Backup directly from Livedrive or from a different provider, please contact them for support.

If you have bought Livedrive Backup from us and can’t find the answer that you are looking for, please call us for further assistance on 01460 298036

How do I install and configure the Livedrive software?

We will advise you of your initial password, if you wish to change it please follow the steps below:-

To change your password:

1. Log in to your Livedrive portal using the details sent in your welcome email.
2. Click ‘Account Settings’ in the menu at the top of the Livedrive Dashboard.
3. Click ‘Your Details’ in the menu at the right of the page.
4. Type your old password (as shown above) into the ‘Old password’ field.
5. Type your new password into the ‘New password’ field.
6. Confirm your new password in the ‘Confirm password’ field.
7. Click the ‘Update Details’ button.

I already use Livedrive but need to reinstall the desktop software

Log into your account web based and download the software to your device

I have bought an additional computer and need to install Livedrive on it

Livedrive is sold on a ‘per computer’ basis. It is necessary therefore to purchase an additional license if you wish to use Livedrive on another computer.

Please contact us on 01460 298036 if you wish to buy an additional license. We will apply a pro-rata discount on an additional account so that your Livedrive subscriptions run concurrently.

How do I remove the Livedrive software from my computer?

This can be removed using the normal software uninstallation procedure relevant to your computer.

How do I cancel my Livedrive subscription?

Call us on 01460 298036. Please note, that whilst your subscription can be cancelled immediately, we are unable to offer refunds for any unused time remaining on your subscription. We can however transfer this to another computer for you if you prefer.

Contact us to enquire about this service or call 01460 298036