We can supply all Apple computers including iPad’s at Apple Store UK prices.

(Please note we do not supply iPhones and Apple TV’s)

Mac support and repairs

We can help with:-

  • Supplying, setting up, and delivering new Macs
  • Operating System Problems and Upgrades
  • Replacing Faulty Hard Drives
  • Apple Data Recovery
  • Memory and hard drive upgrades
  • Fault diagnosis, we don’t replace logic boards and will refer you to the Apple store in Exeter or Bath for more complex repairs



As well as supplying iPad’s we can help with the initial setup. Setting up an Apple ID, iCloud, Email accounts, Software updates, downloading Applications from the App Store and demonstrating how to use them, connecting to home networks and AirPrint compatible printers.


We don’t supply iPhones but we can set them up for you and cover all of the topics as for an iPad.

Apple ID’s

We can assist with setting up Apple ID’s if you are planning on downloading applications from a device. We can also help reset passwords or change the Apple ID completely to a new address, this could be necessary if you have problems with your account.


We can assist with setting up and using iCloud on multiple devices. If you have multiple devices such as an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, we can set up the synchronization between all devices. We can also assist with setting up the backup routine.

In terms of costs please refer to our pricing guide for labour rates and callouts. We will always provide you with a full quote before purchasing any items for you or carrying out any work.

For more information, contact us or call 01460 298036