As part of our overall service we can also provide the software that you require to be able to use your Computer to its full potential.

We will always discuss the options with you and take into consideration your requirements and budget. Whether your needs are met by simple free software or are more in-depth and require fuller featured paid-for software.

Whether it protects your computer, backs up your data, enables you to write letters, produce spreadsheets, or edit photographs.

The following are some of the most popular software products that we supply to our customers…

Utility Software

Avast Cloudcare

Cloud Backup – Livedrive

Maintenance – CCleaner

Office Software

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 2021

Google Docs / Workspace

Libre Office

Photo Editing Software

Adobe Cloud

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom


Media Software

VLC Media Player


Microsoft Outlook (part of Office Software)



Mozilla Thunderbird

Please note this is not an exhaustive list and we can supply almost any software you may require.

For more information, contact us or call 01460 298036