Choose from either of the packages below to purchase your copy of AVG Cloudcare Antivirus

What Does it cost?

Self-install by download:

12 month subscription for one computer – £36.00 Inc VAT

24 month subscription for one computer – £50.00 Inc VAT


Remote access installed by us:

12 month subscription for one computer – £51.00 Inc VAT

24 month subscription for one computer – £65.00 Inc VAT

Remote Setup – Years

If you would like to buy protection for more than one computer, please contact us.

How do I get it?

Please select the appropriate ‘buy it now’ button for your required product above. If you purchase a ‘Self-install by download’ product we will email a link to you that you can paste into any internet browser and this will initiate the download. As part of the download process it will uninstall any old antivirus program on your PC.

We would recommend that any old antivirus program be uninstalled first.

If you would like us to remotely access your computer over the internet to remove any old antivirus program and install AVG CloudCare Antivirus for you we will email you or call you to arrange a suitable time to complete this for you.

Contact us to enquire about this service or call 01460 298036